Accounting is the language of business. Whether your business is old or new, large or small, it can benefit from the solid guidance and support a professional service can give.

At McKay Tax & Accounting, we offer a wide array of accounting and bookkeeping services to make your business operations run more smoothly. As a family-owned company, we believe in taking a personal approach with all our clients. We make helping your business thrive our business.


No matter what stage of growth your company is in, there are smart reasons to hire an accountant. Every hour of your valuable time spent doing the books and other accounting tasks is an hour that you have to take away from some other area of the business that needs your attention.

An accountant can make life easier for you whether you are still in the planning and formation stage, going through a loan application, or setting up a new payroll system. By hiring an accountant, you not only free up a lot of time to focus on other important issues, you gain the peace of mind that comes from having an experienced professional handle the details.

business accounting

Whether you want someone to handle all of your business accounting on a full-time basis or just need a few hours of assistance, we can accommodate you. We can do as much or as little as you need.

Here are some of the many ways an accountant can help during the life of your business:

  • Assistance during the formation of your business plan is critical. Using tools like QuickBooks, Excel, and other accounting software you can make more accurate financial projections and create a solid business plan that is built to succeed.
  • Start-ups can get help understanding the financial benefits and liabilities associated with different business structures, including: sole proprietorships, limited liability partnerships, and corporations.
  • All businesses can benefit from good bookkeeping services, including: monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting; bank statement reconciliation; and the analysis of key business metrics like the cost of employee wages and benefits to the company’s revenue.
  • Professional profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash flow graphs, and revenue forecasts can be essential if you are approaching a bank for business loan.
  • Payroll services can relieve you of a tremendous burden on your resources. Paying your employees can become quite complicated with tasks like tracking of vacation time, sick leave, tips, Federal and State Unemployment, tax deposits, W-2s, 1099s, and workers’ compensation.
  • If you prefer to handle your company’s payroll on your own, a QuickBooks Consultant can offer training and installation services and ongoing support as necessary.
  • An experienced accountant can make the whole process of filing your business taxes and staying compliant with government regulations much less stressful. Your accountant’s knowledge of tax laws can often help you resolve cash-flow problems, raise capital for expansion, and save money.
  • When a company is audited, an accountant can advise you on the auditing process and help you prepare all the necessary paperwork.
  • Advice from an accountant can be invaluable when buying or selling a business or negotiating the rights to a franchise. An accountant can help your explore the right sale structure to meet your needs and maximize your after-tax profits.

Whether you want someone to handle all of your business accounting on a full-time basis or just need a few hours of assistance, we can accommodate you. We can do as much or as little as you need.

Richard McKay has more than 35 years of experience in business accounting matters. When you are ready to delegate some of the hard work of running a business to a professional you can trust, contact McKay Tax & Accounting at 801-731-1857 or online at RMCKAY@MCKAYTAX.COM. While we are located in Roy, Utah, we assist clients throughout the United States and internationally.