Filing your taxes is not one of the joys of having your own business. If you dislike paying the IRS any more than necessary, then take the steps necessary to protect your hard-earned bottom line.

At McKay Tax & Accounting we believe in a highly ethical approach to taxation minimization. This ensures compliance with all the tax laws and regulations -- while maximizing your legal business deductions.


Tax preparation and reporting is more than just filling in numbers on a form. An advisor can support you throughout the year and help you devise strategies to save money. How can we help you? Some of the services we offer include:

  • We can help you understand and track your legitimate business expenses. Knowing what expenses are eligible for tax deductions can drastically lower your overall tax bill.
  • We make sure that you never accidentally overstate your deductions for things like travel and meals. That can easily trigger a costly IRS audit.
  • We make certain that you remain compliant with your other tax obligations, including property, payroll, and excise taxes. Staying compliant helps avoid unnecessary fees.
  • We stay current on the latest tax laws so that you never have to worry that you are missing a tax break or overlooking an important new regulation.
  • We keep you organized so that your records and receipts are always in order. That reduces stress at the start of tax season and makes filing easier.
  • We can help you respond to any IRS or other tax notice. Prompt attention helps you avoid complications and penalties.

A good advisor never just reports your business taxes. A good advisor helps you evaluate your company’s data and craft a workable plan to improve your business.


Richard McKay and the professionals at McKay Tax & Accounting are waiting to speak to you. While we are located in Roy, Utah, we gladly help business clients throughout the state and the greater United States. Please call us at 801-731-1857 or reach us online at RMCKAY@MCKAYTAX.COM.

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We keep you organized so that your records and receipts are always in order.